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Third Party Risk Ratings Platform

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Inside, outside, and independent cyber risk perspective


Automated continuous tracking and monitoring

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Breach Monitoring

Track breaches and remediation responses

See what iTrust’s Third Party Risk Ratings Platform can do for your Cybersecurity

What is an iTrust Rating:
An iTrust Rating provides insight into a company’s third party security ratings and compliance. An iTrust Rating encompasses ten different security variables that once combined determine an iTrust Rating. Whether you are onboarding potential vendors, benchmarking your vendors across an industry, or are just managing ongoing vendor risk and compliance, an iTrust rating can be used to help monitor and assess a third-party’s real-time security risk.

What is iTrust:
iTrust is an all-in-one platform with the essential third party risk management capabilities your business needs. Managed from a single pane of glass, iTrust’s advanced algorithms are designed to deliver the most intelligent analysis of security and compliance risks with real-time alerts and time boxed metrics.

How is the data collected and how is an iTrust Rating determined?
iTrust data is collected in a non-intrusive manner as iTrust will never enter a network without permission. iTrust uses information gathered from public sources as well as information gathered from the dark-web. iTrust also gathers data from its advanced network of over 53,000 contributors that are monitoring and assessing over 10,000,000 daily threats.

Why use iTrust?
iTrust provides cybersecurity risk ratings and risk intelligence to help businesses build trusted relationships with their vendors, partners, and suppliers. iTrust collects and analyzes third-party risk metrics using machine learning to deliver 360° vendor security and compliance visibility.

iTrust provides:
• Panoramic view of cyber risks – inside, outside, and independent ratings
• Automated continuous compliance monitoring and alerting
• Identify network vulnerabilities and receive alerts in real-time
• Insight into what hackers know about you
• Track breaches and remediation responses



Cybersecurity risk ratings across your portfolio of vendors.


Track and measure your security investments.


Accelerate underwriting and close more sales with low risk, high yield clients.


Accelerate cybersecurity due diligence on merger and acquisition targets.