Performing a Penetration Test is vital in assessing a company’s cybersecurity environment. Whether your company has been around for decades or if you are a start-up, a regular penetration test will provide you with insight and understanding in shaping your IT security structure.


  1. Hackers are continuously exploiting new bugs

Hackers are developing new tools and exploits at incredible speeds and often at a faster rate than security teams can keep up.


  1. Penetration Testing provides an independent assessment of your security

Penetration test results help indicate the effectiveness of your security environment.


  1. A Penetration Test may find holes in your security before a hacker does

Identifying vulnerabilities enables the organization to patch weaknesses before a hacker has a chance to exploit them.


  1. Prioritize your security budget

Penetration test results may help drive your security budget and prioritize spending.


  1. Help you prepare for a potential breach

A Penetration Test can serve as a catalyst for developing an incident response plan in the event of a breach.


  1. Penetration Testing may be a regulatory requirement

Periodic Penetration Testing is an industry best practice and a requirement for PCI DSS and several other industry regulations.